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Current Exhibitions

Maya Weaving: Colors of Enchantment

Maya Weaving: Colors of Enchantment allows visitors to travel across Central America to the countries of Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize, and Guatemala. We invite them to explore the customs and history of the Maya people through the lens of their rich and vibrant textiles.

The Maya people have a rich history with textile work that is incorporated into multiple aspects of their culture. Come discover how these dynamic people weave their historical roots with modern life through color, pattern, and tradition.

Through the Mask

Consider masks from a new perspective—our exhibit will teach you how masks have been created for millennia to protect, give power, and create bridges between the spirit world and our own.

The exhibit showcases masks from countries across the world including Asia, Africa, Mexico, the Virgin Islands, and more. These masks come from a variety of eras and cultural groups, and vary widely in design and purpose. Come visit the exhibit to explore these cultures' unique self-expression.

Utah Valley

As residents of Utah Valley, the stories of its inhabitants are ours to know, protect, and preserve. Through this exhibit, explore the commonalities and differences of the peoples of Utah Valley: Archaic, Fremont, Ute, and Euro-American; and consider what you will contribute to its rich heritage.